Gift Wrap

I like to collect a cute gift wrap.

My Koinobori

Here is a rainbow of koinobori...

Higher than the roof-tops are the koinobori
The large Black Carp is the father
The smaller Golden Carp are the children
They seem to be having fun swimming
~Koinobori Song~

"Monkey Couple"

Monkey couple...
Yoyo Cici looks-a-like?

"Chinese Horoscopes Family Tree"

It is a request from my friend.
She want to give a "Chinese Horoscopes Family Tree"
for her relative on this lunar year.

HOLA!!! :)

backside of my business card (ver.1)

backside of my business card (ver.2)

Finally, I have done editing this Annrie's blog.
And here I am! My name is Rika.
I love cute things, felt creation, embroidery and amigurumi.
For the last one, I'm still learning of that.
Enjoy your visit, hopefully you like it :)!